How to Make a Healthier Sweet Snack Board

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How to Make a Healthier Sweet Snack Board





A snack board is a platter filled with bite sized snacks. Snack boards have grown in popularity over the last year whether they’re sweet, savoury or in between. Putting them together can be a great activity to do with your kids (bonus they get to eat it after), provide many options for picky eaters and are a pretty way to display snacks when entertaining.


At Nature’s Delicacies we’re all about snacks that don’t just taste good, but are also good. When it comes to making a sweet snack platter, it’s possible to create something that’s beautiful, tasty and nutritious.


What you’ll need for a Healthier Sweet Snack Board


How to Make a Healthier Sweet Snack Board


Board / Platter – snack boards are most often displayed on wooden boards but if you don’t have one, use a platter. The size will depend on how many people you want it to feed and the variety of snacks going on it.


Dry Snacks – these are those pantry snacks that you grab when you need something that travels well or doesn’t require you doing anything more than opening a packet. For a kid friendly sweet snack platter our Nakd Bars, Bear Yoyos and Bear Paws are the perfect sweet snacks to include. It’s not uncommon for our smallest customers to refer to Bear paws as their “sweets” and a cocoa delight Nakd bar as a “chocolate” – made with fruits and nuts, our snacks are filled with wholesome goodness that also tastes like a real treat. Cut up Nakd bars into bite sized pieces and Bear yoyos in half. You can also include pretzels, crackers or mini rice cakes.


Fresh Fruit – cut up a selection of fresh fruit for some naturally sweet snacks. We love berries and apple slices but anything in season works. If you want to be a little fancy, look out for tropical fruits like dragon or star fruit.


Dips – all good snack boards need a dip. For a healthier option we love a nut butter which has protein and good fats. Add a chocolate flavoured nut butter for something extra special. These dips are great for dipping in an apple slice, pretzel or even a Nakd bar 😉



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