Veganuary – How to Get started on Your Vegan Journey

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Veganuary – How to Get started on Your Vegan Journey





Veganuary is a worldwide movement to encourage people to go vegan for 31 days for the month of January. It started in 2014 and has since supported more than one million people in 192 countries to try going vegan for January – and beyond. In South Africa Proveg, an international food awareness organisation, hosts a Veganuary challenge where you can sign up here (for free) and get newsletters and access to vegan friendly recipes, meal plans and tips to start your own vegan journey.


To kickstart 2021, we’re supporting Proveg and the Veganuary movement. After all, all our products are vegan friendly 😊. Below are tips on becoming vegan as well as resources, whether it’s just for 31 days or longer.


1. Focus on what you CAN have not what you CANNOT have

Like with anything in life, focusing on the positives makes the journey easier. Instead of focusing on all the foods you cannot have, take stock of how much you can have. Plant-based alternatives from burgers to cheez to mylks are readily available at most grocery stores. Furthermore, there are dozens of plant-based options sitting in every aisle like canned beans and chickpeas, dried legumes, pasta, rice and ALL the fresh produce! Follow @deliciouslyella on Instagram for dozens of delicious plant-based recipes.


2. Make Sure You’re Getting all your Macro and Micro Nutrients

While this holds true no matter what diet you keep, when starting a vegan diet, you may find you need to pay more attention to the food you’re eating to get enough protein and essential vitamins and minerals. There are many really good sources of plant-based protein, but you need to learn combinations that allow you to get complete proteins. A great resource is Jessica Kotlowitz, a plant-based dietician who is behind @thegreendietician on Instagram. She breaks down common myths and gives tips on nutrition and how to eat a balanced and healthy vegan diet affordably.


3. Remember that Vegan Does not Mean Healthy

Vegan means a product does not contain any animals or animal by products. While a vegan diet is often a healthy diet, as it focuses on wholefoods and produce, there are many processed foods that are vegan. While some processed foods can be healthy (like frozen veggie burgers, our nakd bars and canned legumes), a lot isn’t (like sugar, sweets, crisps and deep-fried foods). Look not only at the vegan label, but also at the list of ingredients when purchasing food and, like with all diets, focus mainly on having unprocessed foods like veggies and wholegrains.


4. Plan Ahead

When starting anything new it helps to plan ahead, especially when it comes to food. Knowing what you’re going to eat and having healthy vegan snacks available means you’ll be more likely to not only stick to your 31 day vegan challenge but that you’ll be making healthier choices when you’re hungry. Stock up your pantry and fridge with loads of produce, tinned legumes and beans, tofu, wholegrains and condiments and spices to enable you to make delicious meals. When it comes to snacks we love our BEAR fruit snacks, Nakd Bars and Trek bars! @vegan_meal_prep_Sunday and @kindbutgoodfood are two wonderful instagram accounts that give you meal plan and recipe ideas.  


5. Find a Community

Whenever you start a new journey it helps to have cheerleaders. People who are on the same journey and can offer up support, guidance, and advice. Proveg is providing wonderful support not only during Veganuary but beyond. Sign up to the challenge and follow them on Instagram to tap into their vegan community.


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Veganuary – How to Get started on Your Vegan Journey

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