Eight Healthy Travel Snacks

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Healthy Travel Snacks








The days have gotten longer, the weather warmer and everyone is ticking the days until Summer holidays. While summer 2020 may look different than usual, a summer break is something everyone can do with.


Whether you’re taking a day trip to the beach or park or road tripping to family, you can be assured of three things – the need for masks, hand sanitiser and good snacks. Packing healthy options for you and your family means that when someone wants a snack, it’s easier to make a better more nutritious decision. Ideally when choosing a snack you want something that doesn’t only taste good but is good for you too. You also want things that travel well, especially in the heat of summer.


That being said, we’re sharing our top healthy travel snacks with you


1. Nakd Bars

You didn’t think we’d start this list without our beloved Nakd bars did you? They’re made from just fruits and nuts which means they have protein, fibre and only the natural sugars that come from fruit. Plus, with 8 different flavours, there is an option for everyone in the family 😉 They also travel well and will only get a little softer (and more delicious) in the heat.


2. BEAR Paws and Yoyo’s

If you have kids, you can’t leave home without a few BEAR paws and Yoyos. Made from real fruits and vegetables, never from concentrates, each bag contains a full serving of fruit and fibre. For added fun on long car drives, pack BEAR Yoyos as each pack comes with a fun and educational collectible card.


3. Trek Protein Bars

If you want your snack to be a little heartier and provide you with a good amount of protein, our range of Trek Protein Flapjacks and Trek Wholefood Protein Bars is the perfect option. They’re all gluten free and vegan and have between 9 to 10 grams of protein per bar. If you’re travelling far, choose either our Trek Peanut Power or Original Oat Flapjack as they’ll do better in heat, the Cocoa Oat, Cocoa Coconut and Salted Caramel Trek Flapjacks all have a coating on top, which is delicious but will melt in the heat, so is best suited for summer travel only if you keep them in a  cooler box (unless of course you like melted chocolate 😉).


Pro Tip: Remember you can purchase all our Nakd, Bear and Trek snacks by the case on Takealot which means no one in the family will be left without a bar and you get to save! Find them here


4. Fruit

When choosing fruit, choose fruit that you don’t have to peel (less mess) and fruit that doesn’t bruise easily like apples and pears. If you love berries and grapes, prewash them and store them in a Tupperware so they don’t get smashed. 


Pro tip: pre-freeze grapes or blueberries to make them an extra refreshing healthy treat.


5. Hummus and Veggies


Cut up veggie sticks like carrots, cucumbers, snap peas and peppers along with hummus makes a really wholesome and easy snack. It will keep for a few hours out of the fridge so it’s perfect for trips to the beach or park.


6. Crackers and Cheese

Cheese slices or cheese sticks are easy to eat and when combined with crackers make a mini meal. (Look for wholegrain options)


7. Drinks

Don’t forget the drinks especially when it’s hot and it’s easy to dehydrate. Water should always be option number one, but if you’re looking for something with flavour, we love Rugani’s range of fruit and vegetable juices that are made from pure fruits and vegetables with no added sugars. To keep your drinks cool, pack them in a cooler bag.


Pro tip: You can fill a water bottle with water till it’s halfway, freeze it and top it up with water. This way you’ll have ice cold water instantly, but the ice will also slowly melt giving you a continuous stream of icy water.


8. Nut butter Squeeze packs


Nut butters in single serve squeeze packs are perfect for travel, just choose an option that doesn’t included added oils or sweeteners in its ingredients. You can eat them alone or squeeze some onto an apple, celery sticks if that’s your thing, or cracker for a more substantial snack.


Healthy Travel Snacks


Nature’s Delicacies is a distributor of healthier alternatives snacks and food. We’re passionate about providing better snacking solutions to make your life healthier, better and tastier! Find our full range here; and your nearest retailer here

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