What’s in a Label: BEAR Yoyos and Paws

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What’s in a Label: BEAR Yoyos and Paws

Labels are there to let you know what’s in the food you’re buying and to help you make purchasing decisions based on the diet you keep. But labels can get confusing. To simplify it, we’re breaking down our Bear Yoyos and Paws labels to explain everything you find in them. Bear Paws and Yoyos are similar snacks. They’re both made from 100% pure fruit and vegetables, never from concentrates and they have the same nutritional information per pack. The difference lies in their shapes. Bear yoyos are shaped in a yoyo like roll, while the Bear Paws are shaped in little paw prints. Bear Paws also combine two fruity flavours in one bag like mango and carrot or apple and blackcurrant. Bear Yoyos come in one flavour per bag like apple or strawberry.

Never from Concentrates

BEAR Yoyos and Paws 7

The fruitiness in each packet of Bear Yoyos and BEAR paws come from pure fruit. To make them, we pick in season fruit. They’re then baked slowly in traditional baking ovens at a low temperature. Once baked they’re hand cut into yoyos or paws. This means you get the pure goodness of fruits and vegetables.


1 of 5 a day

BEAR Yoyos and Paws

They’re made from just fruits and veg, so it makes sense that a packet contains one full serving of fruit. Bear yoyos and Paws are a delicious way to get in 1 of your 5 servings of fruit and veggies a day.


Gluten Free

Made from fruits, vegetables and in some cases a spirulina extract (found in apple yoyos), all BEAR fruit snacks are gluten free and can safely be consumed by anyone who has a gluten sensitivity, allergy or coeliac disease.


Vegan Friendly

Bear Paws and Yo-yos are made up of 100% plant-based ingredients. This means that they are suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.


No Nut ingredients

BEAR Yoyos and Paws

None of the BEAR paws and yoyos contain nuts. This means that they are suitable for those with nut allergies and also make the perfect school time snack for those schools that ban nuts.


No added sugars

BEAR Yoyos and Paws

The only sugar you’ll find inside Bear Yoyos and Paws is the naturally occurring sugars found in fruits and vegetables. Nothing else.



BEAR Yoyos and Paws

On each Bear Yoyo and Paws wrapper there is an ingredient list which contains a list of the ingredients contained in the snack. You will recognise ALL of the ingredients and none exceeds 5 different ingredients, so you can trust what you’re putting in your body.


Best Before Dates

Each packet has a BB in black with a date. This is the last date you should eat them on.  


KLBD Kosher

BEAR Yoyos and Paws

This is the certification which makes all Bear Yoyos and Paws Kosher. The KLBD stands for Kosher London Beth Din. This means that all Bear Yoyos and Paws are Kosher making them suitable for those who keep a kosher diet.


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