Simple Ways to Improve your Working From Home Space

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Simple Ways to Improve your Working From Home Space


For many of us, working from home has become the new norm and will continue for the foreseeable future. Things like keeping a routine, working hours and getting dressed helps make working from home more productive and manageable. However, the space you’re working in can have a huge impact on your productivity, comfort and even mental health. Here are some simple ways to improve your working from home space


1. Have a separate Working from Home Space


Most important is to create a separate space for work only. This can be a quiet corner in a room or If you have a spare room, turning it into your home office. Having a dedicated space to work in, helps not only to separate work and home life but also keeps you organised. It also allows you to close the door or pack work away at the end of the day to allow you to completely unwind at the end of the day without seeing the work waiting for you. This helps create boundaries which are vital to your mental health and well-being.


2. Add some life

Having some fresh greenery or fresh flowers in your work space not only makes it look good but studies have shown that they increase levels of happiness and productivity by improving the work space. Plants are also known to improve air quality.


3. Invest in Ergonomic Furniture

If you know you’ll be working from home long-term you may want to consider investing in an ergonomic desk chair. These chairs are designed to allow you to sit comfortably with better posture which prevents back and neck aches. A good chair can make all the difference in you work quality! Alternatively, look into a standing desk and foot mat which allows you to work comfortably standing up.


4. Keep water nearby

Hydration is important in keeping your body functioning but also helps prevent headaches and improves concentration. The easiest way to ensure you drink enough throughout the day is to fill up a litre bottle in the morning and keep it in on your desk. Having water in your sight will remind you to drink throughout the day. If you struggle to drink plain water, add fresh fruit to your water to naturally flavour it.


5. Keep Healthier Snacks on Hand

Being at home means easier access to a fridge and pantry full of food. If you need small snacks throughout the day, set yourself up for success by prepping and keeping healthier options on hand. Options that not only keep you satisfied but also give your body the nutrients it needs to function well. Fresh fruit or cut up vegetables and hummus are great options as are our Nakd and Trek bars which are made from wholefoods giving you slow release energy. The added plus of our bars, is you can keep them in a jar on your desk and have them nearby when you need them, with no prep necessary.


  1. Create a working Playlist

If you work better with some background noise, create a working from home playlist or find podcasts to listen to while you work. If you’re alone, this can also help make you feel a little less isolated.


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