NEW in store! Nakd Banoffee Pie Bars

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Nakd Banoffee Pie


Our new Nakd Bars are here they’re going to drive you banana’s with excitement!


What do you get when you smoosh fruity bananas together with crunchy nuts and sweet dates? A Nakd bar that tastes like a slice of Banoffee Pie.


The Nakd Banoffee Pie bars combine the tastes of toffee and banana for a delectable treat reminiscent of a dessert favorite. Made with nothing but natural ingredients, the Nakd Banoffee Pie bars are sure to satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth.


What makes each and every Nakd bar so special is that they are 100% natural, made from whole, raw ingredients and nothing else! We have no room for any artificial flavourings, preservatives, added sugars or any of that business. You won’t see GMO’s, MSG or any other worrisome ingredients in any of our Nakd Bars, just fruits, nuts and a hint of natural flavouring.


Our Nakd Banoffee Pie Bars contain just a few natural ingredients: Dates (56%), Almonds (12%), Cashews (10%), Bananas (10%), Raisins (9%), Pecans (2%), Sea Salt (1%)


Nakd Banoffee Pie Bars are also

Dairy free

Wheat and gluten free

Vegan friendly

Low in saturated fats

Free from added sugar and syrups

GM Free

Kosher Approved


Nakd Banoffee Pie Bars are now available at Dischem, Food Lovers Market and selected independent retailers. You can find the full list of retailers here.


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