Fuel Your Outdoor Adventures with our Trek Bars Now Available at Outdoor Warehouse

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Fuel Your Outdoor Adventures with our Trek Bars Now Available at Outdoor Warehouse




Trek Bars are our gritty outdoorsy bars. With an unofficial slogan “Nature is Power”, they’re the type of snack bar that’s a must on any and all outdoor adventures. Our Trek Protein Flapjacks, Trek Protein Bars and Trek Protein Nut Bars pack an impressive 9-10g of protein per bar and are made with plant-based ingredients like oats and soya crunchies to fuel even the toughest adventures.


They’re a perfect snack for hiking, camping and any off-road adventures. Whether it’s the snack between a campfire meal or a stand in for lunch in the middle of a scenic hike, each bar has the ingredients to keep you going and powered by plants. That’s because they’re compact (we know how tight space can be), travel well (they won’t go bad) and have enough nutrients to keep you feeling full, when adventure stops you from sitting down and eating a meal.


It makes sense that we’d want to make sure that our Trek Bars are in the store that every outdoor adventurer knows and loves – Outdoor Warehouse. The ultimate Outdoor enthusiasts’ playground, Outdoor Warehouse is packed with everything you need for every type of outdoor adventure – from hiking, to camping, to canoeing and even off-road touring. There’s the gear you need (thermal base layers, tents, lamps), the technology (GPS, cameras) and now the snacks that’ll keep every adventure going – Trek Protein Flapjacks and Trek Protein Bars.


From today, you’ll be able to stock up on Trek Protein Flapjacks, Trek Protein Bars, Trek Protein Nut bars and Selected Nakd Bars (cocoa delight and salted caramel) at Outdoor Warehouse stores across the country as well as through their online store here! Outdoor Lovers meet the bar that will make every outdoor adventure tastier!


Find us on social media @naturesdelicacies and share with us how you’re taking your Trek Bars Outdoors!



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