Say hello to our grrreat new brand – BEAR and their BEAR Yoyos

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Say hello to our grrreat new brand – BEAR and their BEAR Yoyos


We’ve been eagerly waiting to announce our Bearilliant news. We’ve brought out a new brand called BEAR and are launching with their delicious range of real fruit rolls called BEAR Yoyos.


Being committed to supplying healthier alternatives to the South African market, BEAR is a particularly special addition to the Nature’s Delicacies family of healthier snacks.


BEAR’s story starts from a simple need to make being healthy a little bit easier and a whole lot tastier. BEAR is one of the only fruit snacks to be made from 100% pure fruit and veg. BEAR products are never made from concentrates. You’ll never find added sugars, salt, preservatives, stabilisers, or gumming agents in BEAR products. Just pure fruit and veg.


The first product in the BEAR range, BEAR Yoyos are real fruit rolls made using a 4 step program

  1. The fruit and veg found in every Yoyo is picked in season. The whole fruit – not concentrate or juice – is used.
  2. The fruit and veg are then baked in traditional baking ovens at a low temperature. Below 42C
  3. Once baked, the dried fruit is hand cut into shapes.
  4. Those shapes are then hand rolled into Yoyos and packaged.


Say hello to our grrreat new brand – BEAR and their BEAR Yoyos


Each packet of BEAR Yoyos contains 1 Cup of real fruit, which means it counts as a serving of your daily fruit and veg! Inside each pack is a collectable card which will teach your kids something new.


Bear Yoyos come in 4 flavours – strawberry, raspberry, apple and mango. Made with just fruit and veg, Bear Yoyos tick many boxes:

Gluten Free


No nut ingredients

No added sugars


High in Fibre


Simply put, BEAR Yoyos are grrreat and a BEARilliant healthier snack for you little ones!



You can get your paws on BEAR Yoyos from Dischem, Food Lovers Markets and Faithful to Nature. So grab a pack and give us a growl to let us know how you like them!



Nature’s Delicacies is a distributor of healthier alternatives snacks and food. We’re passionate about providing better snacking solutions to make your life healthier, better and tastier! Find our full range here; and your nearest retailer here

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