Staying Healthy over the Holiday Seasons

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Our top tips for having a healthy holiday 


Our top tips for having a healthy holiday 


Holiday season is in full swing and with it comes holiday parties, family get togethers, lazy days and lots and lots of good food. It’s your chance to take a break, spend more time with your loved ones and switch up your routine. During the holidays it’s hard to maintain your diet and exercise like you do the rest of the year; but it’s still possible to stay healthy while still enjoying the festive season.


Most nutritionist and dietitians agree that a little indulging isn’t a bad thing, and most fitness instructors will tell you that being active doesn’t only mean logging time in the gym. Below are our favorite tips for staying healthy over the holiday season.


  1. Ditch the Guilt

Switch your mindset from feeling guilty to feeling grateful. So much of the festive season involves food and it’s around those meals that priceless memories are made. Instead of feeling guilty for indulging in a big holiday feast, feel grateful that you get to enjoy good food with the people you love. Feeling bad over a few extra calories is not worth being miserable at a holiday meal. Enjoy the celebrations, knowing that this is a special occasion.


  1. Pick what you Love, Leave what you Like

A common phrase uttered by dietitians, it simply means choosing to fill your plate with the foods you love and leaving those you don’t. Don’t feel obliged to have everything, rather choose the foods you love and enjoy every bite.


  1. Make sure one meal every day is a healthy one

If you’re having a big lunch, make your breakfast something small and nutritious. Make sure each day, one of your meals is the healthy one- the one you focus on good proteins and your fruits and veg. This helps you feel better (both physically and mentally) when it comes to enjoying that feast later.


  1. Do something different

If you’re going away and don’t have access to a gym, you can still get in a good sweat. Look at your surrounding area and choose something different to get in a little exercise. Hikes, swimming, walks in nature – they all count and can be a great way to connect with family and friends while staying healthy.


  1. Find an App

There are so many personal training apps like the Nike Training App which has loads of free workouts, many of which don’t need anything but some open space and yourself. Download one of these apps, so that you can do a workout no matter where you are. Don’t think you’ll have time? There’re workouts as short as 5 minutes, and you can make those minutes count.


  1. Watch your portion Control

Instead of fixating on foods and calories, focus on portion size. Have a little bit of everything or a taste of that delicious dessert instead of denying yourself. Watching portions will also help you digest your food better and avoid bloating.


  1. Make exercise part of your holiday

We’re not talking about waking up early to go to gym, we’re talking about integrating daily activities that count as exercise. Whether it’s an early morning stroll along the promenade. A hike through a nature park or swim in the lake, enjoy the fun part of moving.


  1. Give yourself a break

This is an important time to reset and give yourself a break from the usual responsibilities you carry during the year. Make sure that you’re giving your mind what it needs to rest, so take a day or week off, spend time doing nothing but reading and catching up with family or just spending time alone. As much as physical health is important, don’t neglect your mental health.


  1. Keep healthy snacks on hand

Whether you’re going to the beach, exploring nature, spending a day shopping or just lounging around, always keep healthy snacks on hand. When you’re hungry, if you have something nutritious and delicious in arms reach, you’ll be less likely to succumb to the chocolate, sweets, chips and ice creams in easy reach. Our range of Nakd, Trek and Fruit Bowl snacks are great, delicious tasting and easy to carry options that keep well and contain only good for you ingredients.

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