How to Choose a Healthy Snack

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Healthy Eating goes beyond the food you’re eating, here’s our best tips to choosing a healthy snack 

How to choose a healthy Snack


For some of us a snack is necessary to keep us going in between mealtimes. And while it’s easier to know how to choose healthy meals, snacks often trip us up. A handful of nuts can turn into a bag, a chocolate bar gobbled down because it’s there and easy.


Choosing a healthy snack


Snacks can be an important part of a healthy diet, they can reduce cravings, manage weight and help you get your daily nutrients. To help you make better choices when it comes to selecting snacks we’re sharing some guidelines on how to choose a healthy snack.


1. Know why you are snacking


Often, when you reach for a snack; it’s not because you’re hungry. It’s because you’re bored, stressed or even thirsty. The first step to choosing a healthy snack is making sure food is really what your body needs right then. When you get the urge to reach for a snack consider whether or not your body is asking for food. If you’re bored, change your task or take a break. If you’re stressed, get up and outside if you can or call a friend to chat. If you haven’t had a drink in a while, have a glass of water and see if your need to eat is still there.


2. Portion, portion, portion

What gets most of us, isn’t what we eat it’s how much we eat. Portion control is so important for a healthy balanced diet. Yes nuts are healthy, but in the right quantity. Look at the back of snacks to see what the recommended serving size is and stick to it. Or alternatively, if you find it hard to stop until the bag is done rather buy single serving snacks or bars like our Nakd Bars. Remember a snack isn’t a meal and shouldn’t be as big as a meal.


3. Consider your Nutrients

Snacks that are more fiber or protein dense have the ability to keep you full for longer. They also allow you to get satisfied after having less. Snacks heavy in sugar or simple carbohydrates, on the other hand, can you leave you feeling hungrier than before. Or give you a rush and then a crash. A big part of a healthy snack comes down to snacking smartly

Instead of choosing a handful of candies, have some carrot sticks in hummus. The carrots are packed with fiber, and the hummus high in protein. Alternatively, you can have an apple with some nut butter. And if you need something that you can keep in your bag, choose a protein bar made from simple ingredients like our Trek Bars or Nakd Bars which give you both protein and fiber.


4. Plan Ahead

The simplest way of ensuring you eat healthy is planning ahead. Keeping healthy snacks on hand, means that when you need something you have good choices right in front of you instead of having to choose between healthy snacks and not so healthy snacks. Fruits are great to keep around, as they require no prep time. Apples and Pears are best if you’re on the move as they won’t squish, while berries and grapes can curb a sugar craving in a healthier way. You can also prep vegetables, by washing, peeling and cutting them up and storing them in containers in the fridge. Dips like hummus, guacamole and nut butter can be added to them for added protein and fats to fill you up. And if you want snacks you can keep in your desk drawer or handbag for a while without worrying about them spoiling, choose ones made from ingredients you understand. Like nuts, trail mixes and our Nakd Bars (made with just fruit and nuts).


5. Be Mindful

Choosing a healthy snack doesn’t stop by choosing the right snack. It’s also how you eat it. Take a break so you can fully enjoy your snack, especially if it’s a treat. And eat slowly, eating slower helps your brain process when your full and allows you to digest your food better.


6. Remember that You can start over

If you’ve made a bad snack choice or given into a craving it doesn’t have to derail your healthy eating. Accept it, put it behind you and make a conscious decision to choose something better next time.


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