How to make your own Healthier Trail Mix

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We used Nãkd nibbles and Fruitbowl Peelers and Flakes to create a homemade healthier trail mix


How to make your own Healthier Trail Mix


A healthier trail mix is packed with goodies like nuts, seeds and some dried fruit for sweetness. Making your own trail mix allows you to choose the ingredients you like and make sure you’re getting the best and tastiest snack!


Our healthier snacks are not only good as on the go snacks, but can be used as ingredients to allow you to create your own delicious and healthier trail mix!


What you need to create your own Nature’s Delicacies healthier trail mix

You can play around with the ingredients and amounts – there’s no wrong way to do it! This is also a great way to use up little bits of nuts, seeds and other ingredients you have on hand! To create this trail mix we’ve used our Nãkd Nibbles, Fruit Bowl Yogurt Flakes and Fruit Bowl Fruit Peelers instead of dried fruit for some added sweetness and taste!


How to make your own Healthier Trail Mix


Nuts – nuts are packed with heart-healthy fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals. The mix of protein, fiber and omega 3 fatty acids in nuts makes them a great snack as they help keep you full for longer. You can choose one type of nut or a variety to put in your trail mix, depending on what you like. Make sure to choose raw or dry roasted nuts and not those roasted in oils or coated in sugars.


Seeds – Like nuts, seeds are a great source of healthy plant-based fats, antioxidants, minerals, fiber and even protein. Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds are a trail mix favourite, just be sure to avoid spiced or coated seeds as they have unnecessary sugars and oils.


Nãkd NibblesNãkd Nibbles are delicious bite size morsels made from just nuts and fruit! They come in three flavours – strawberries and cream, caramel and coconut bliss. They’re vegan, gluten free, have no added sugars and are GMO-free. Find your nearest stockist here


Fruit Bowl PeelersFruit Bowl Peelers are made from 100% fruit and count as one of your 5 a day. They’re a great alternative to dried fruit and come in three flavours – strawberry, raspberry, and blackcurrant. They’re also gluten free, dairy free and have no added sugars. Find your nearest stockist here


Fruit Flakes Yogurt FlakesFruit Bowl Yogurt Flakes are made from 100% fruit which is then coated in a real yogurt coating. They’re also gluten free and vegetarian-friendly. Find your nearest stockist here


Dark chocolate Chips – Dark chocolate has a surprising amount of nutrients like antioxidants, iron, magnesium, and fiber. Choose the best quality you can find for this trail mix with a cocoa percentage of 65% or higher.


How to make your own Healthier Trail Mix



1 Cup Nuts
1 Cup Seeds
2 packets Nãkd Nibbles
3 Fruit Peelers, sliced into pieces
2 packets Yogurt flakes
¼ C dark chocolate chips


Simply combine everything together and store in a jar or separate into small zip locks for yummy grab and go snacks.

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